Pre-Season Training Schedule 2014

Hi boys, we will commence preseason training on Tuesday the 5th of August. This will give us a solid 2 months before the season kicks off. We will train on a Tuesday night and Sunday Morning. It is imperative that we get to as many sessions as possible as it is important that we are ready and prepared for round 1. There will also be a ‘meet the coaches day’ on Sunday the 3rd of August. This is a really important date as Eiv Bowen and myself will be going over expectations of the upcoming season.


Meet the Coaches Day– 3rd August 2014

CBs – 3pm


                           Training Dates

Please arrive at all sessions 15 MINUTES EARLY to warm up so we can get stuck in from right on starting time

  • 5th August- 6-7pm (Frankston Indoor Centre)
  • 10th August- 11am Nets (Peninsula School)
  • 12th August- 6-7pm (Frankston Indoor Centre)
  • 17th August- 11am Nets (Peninsula School)
  • 19th August- 6-7pm (Frankston Indoor Centre)
  • 24th August- 11am Nets (Peninsula School)
  • 26th August- 6-7pm (Frankston Indoor Centre)
  • 31st August- 11am Nets (Peninsula School)
  • 2nd September- 6-7pm (Frankston Indoor Centre)
  • 7th September- 11am Nets (Peninsula School)
  • 9th September- 6-7pm (Frankston Indoor Centre)
  • 14th September- 11am Nets (Peninsula School)
  • 16th September- 6-7pm (Frankston Indoor Centre)
  • 21st September- 11am Nets (Peninsula School)

Training will now go to normal, Tuesday & Thursday Starting at 5.30pm


If you have any questions or queries you can either call myself or Eiv Bowen.

            Matt Hyden (Coach) – 0458 333 470               
Eivion Bowen (Ass Coach) – 0425 555 569