Fellow pirates,

Well the premiership hangover is done and dusted, as we embark on our 2013/14 season.  The first ball will be bowled in 9 weeks. It's time for us as a club to come together and work extremely hard to set the standard for the coming year.
This year is all about commitment to pobcc in all grades,  With commitment comes opportunity.  This club has given a lot over the past few seasons but all we have now is memories and flags on the wall.
It's time for this club to become a powerhouse of the Mpca.  It's time for this club to not only be competitive, but to play finals in all grades. It's time for the loyal pirate players and supporters to enjoy success in all grades.  This can not be done by a few it's going to take the whole club working together.
We now have to work harder than we did last year, it's time now for our core young players to become leaders. With an ageing first xl this young group coming though is the future of the club.
Yes it is local cricket, but what we the pobcc have created is a culture that other clubs envy.  pobcc is growing, it's the place to be this season.

Get on board the pirate ship season 2013/14. It starts now.

Glenn Prendergast